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Overwhelmed by clutter? Frozen by piles of paper on your desk & floor? Always late or forget personal appointments? Call Coach Sheila Today for Your Personal Interview... it will change your life.

Stop The Clutter

Organization is not a dirty word. In fact, becoming organized can give you a feeling of control over your environment, rather than the environment having control over you.

•  STOP losing your keys

•  STOP losing important paperwork

•  STOP losing business cards

•  STOP being embarrassed to have guests into your home

•  STOP being frustrated, overwhelmed and frozen by clutter.

If you need help, call Sheila IMMEDIATELY at (520)822-4036

Sheila's Book - 2nd Edition

The Floor is Not an Option!

An introduction to organization, then a peek inside your house, starting at the front door and continuing throughout the house. How to handle papers included! Step-by-step instructions on how to finally achieve a clutter-free home and how to deal with the papers that flow through it.


Tucson Hoarding Team

Tucson Hoarding Team is a division of clutter STOP®. We are a small group of Professionals Coming Together to Help Those Who Are Buried in Clutter.

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